In recent years, smartphones have become familiar to all generations of people. Widely used for making everyday life rich and convenient, smartphones are now essential for our lives.
The spread and evolution of smartphones are likely to change people’s lives dramatically. Since our founding, we at MTI have been responding to these changes in the environment and needs and providing a range of services for mobile terminals that have been in demand around the world, reflecting the environment.
By taking advantage of the achievements and expertise that we have accumulated in this way, we will continue to provide the world with valuable services.

Mobile service business

Provision of a range of content that adds colors to life
We provide a wide array of services that make everyday life fun and convenient. These include services in the fields of healthcare, Fintech, music and e-books, lifestyle-related information, and entertainment.

Main contents of the services


We provide services to support the healthcare of all people, regardless of gender and age. They include ”Luna-Luna”, a health-related information service for women, and a data management service that compiles data, including data on health checkups, medical tests, and lifestyles of individuals, and links between companies, pharmacies, health checkup facilities, and consumers.

Healthcare business


We will build a system for money transfers between individuals and payments in shops by linking bank accounts with smartphones. We aim to provide services that will simplify payments and permit payments in a richer variety of settings.

Fintech business

【Music, video, and e-books】

”” is a music, video, and e-book distribution site. A wide range of tunes, from the latest J-pop and overseas hits to golden oldies, are available for download on the site.
In addition to music, the site allows users to enjoy a broad variety of video content, which ranges from old and the latest movies to drama, anime, and variety shows that are currently being broadcast or have just finished being broadcast. It also distributes e-books in a wide array of categories including novels, comics, recipe books, text-to-speech books, dictionaries, and photo albums. Select from a huge line-up of popular books from major publishers, including the latest comics and hit novels.

Music, Video and E-book services

【Lifestyle-related information】

We provide services that are useful for everyday life. They include ”Life Ranger”, a lifestyle-related information site that provides weather information, maps, train connection information, and navigation functions as a single service.

Lifestyle-related information services


We provide services that can be enjoyed easily anytime, anywhere, such as games and fortune-telling that add excitement to everyday life. These services provide users with new discoveries and enjoyment in their daily lives.

Entertainment services