For the MTI Group (hereinafter called the “Group”) to continue to grow, it is essential that it be recognized and trusted as a member of society by the stakeholders (*) surrounding the Group, including customers, shareholders and business partners, among others, as well as observing laws and regulations and being free from any antisocial behavior.
The Group therefore needs to build and maintain excellent relationships with stakeholders while sincerely abiding by socially established ethics and rules, as well as the relevant laws and regulations. To this end, it considers that compliance is important for both management and all employees.
Consequently, the Group has established the Action Guidelines for Compliance to share the basic concept regarding its compliance stance. By constantly promoting the Guidelines, it ensures that a sense of compliance is sufficiently understood, and will seek to contribute to society through compliant business activities.

Action Guidelines for Compliance
1. Efforts will be made to provide services that satisfy customers in order to enhance reliability.

The Group will provide services that customers are satisfied with and enjoy safely and securely, together with the appropriate information regarding such services.
The Group will be receptive to customer feedback and utilize it to improve services.

2. The proper management of information will be implemented.

The Group will strictly manage information obtained through its operations in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
The Group will establish highly secure information environments and provide safe services.
The Group will respect the privacy of customers and employees, and will comply strictly with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

3. Efforts will be made to disclose company information properly.

The Company will handle company information properly, and will not engage in any insider trading.
The Group will not make any improper or misleading records in the Company’s accounting materials.
The Company will disclose its company information properly and in a timely manner, and will strive to gain the trust of shareholders and investors.

4. Sound and fair relationships with customers will be maintained.

The Group will not build any relationships with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups or corporate racketeers.
The Group will conduct healthy competition with companies in the same trade and comply with laws and regulations related to transactions such as the Antimonopoly Act. It will maintain just and fair relationships with clients and strive to facilitate mutual development.
The Group will respect the intellectual rights of third parties and utilize them in an appropriate manner.

5. Rewarding work environments will be created.

The Group will comply strictly with labor-related laws and regulations and strive to prevent all types of harassment. If any harassment occurs, it will not leave it unaddressed, and will take strict disciplinary measures.
The Company will respect the individuality of employees and be receptive to their feedback in order to create rewarding working environments.

*1 Stakeholders refer to individual and corporate customers, as well as various other parties that have direct or indirect interests, such as companies in collaboration, companies to whom operations are entrusted, content holders, banks, shareholders and investors.

Established on November 19, 2012.