In recent years, smartphones have become familiar to all generations of people. Widely used for making everyday life rich and convenient, smartphones are now essential for our lives.
The spread and evolution of smartphones are likely to change people’s lives dramatically. Since our founding, we at MTI have been responding to these changes in the environment and needs and providing a range of services for mobile terminals that have been in demand around the world, reflecting the environment.
By taking advantage of the achievements and expertise that we have accumulated in this way, we will continue to provide the world with valuable services.

Our Business Structure

IT × Continuous Revenue × Marketing

We create valuable services and provide them via smartphones and tablet terminals, which are essential for people’s lives.
We have made lives more convenient by digitalizing information that was previously managed as analog information.
Moving forward, we will aim to create new values, which are not limited to alternatives to existing services, by linking between pieces of information that used to be scattered.

【Continuous revenue】
In our business focused on mobile services, we have established a stable revenue base by building a continuous billing model.
Above all, our nationwide sales channel (a real affiliates network) for promoting the sale of MTI’s and other companies’ content to customers at brick-and-mortar cellphone shops has become No.1 in terms of scale thanks to our efforts to strike deals with more cellphone shops all over Japan. It is also contributing to increasing the number of subscribers to the greatest extent while channels that are effective for attracting new subscribers are limited. It is a driver for increasing the number of MTI’s paying subscribers on smartphones and for securing continuous revenues.

To provide valuable services that are truly needed by customers, the departments in charge of marketing, production, and development are working together to plan and develop services in an integrated manner. Their activities include comprehensive research for identifying needs and pursuit of the usability of the services.
In the promotional activities aimed at making our services more widely known, we apply a variety of methods for advertising each service effectively using highly cost-efficient media, which has delivered satisfactory results.
We also have bases all over Japan for delivering the latest services more quickly to more customers, as well as cellphone shops, with our sales capabilities that we have cultivated in the real affiliates network. We thereby promote measures for expanding the user base of our services.