All About MTI in Just 5 Minutes

[Q1] What does MTI do?

Multifarious mobile content for all aspects of daily living.
MTI provides users with both convenient and fun services by way of mobile sites and apps usable on smartphones and tablets, delivering such content as music, videos, e-books, health information, weather forecast and map and navigation, and more. We have the most paying subscribers of any similar service in Japan, and have made ourselves a part of people’s lives.

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Music distribution via the tune downloading site “,” and music streaming.
Healthcare-related support for people of all ages, including the “Luna-Luna” healthcare-related data app for women.
E-books, for downloading, anytime, anywhere, of the latest manga, hit novels, and more.

[Q2] How do you increase your earnings?

Our earnings come from such sources as monthly site fees paid by our customers.
The more paying members and app downloads we get, the more we earn.

[Q3] What is the history of MTI?

MTI was founded in August 1996, beginning as a weather-related content distribution business in 1997. From there on, we steadily expanded the range of services, including music distribution sites and women’s health sites. We had its stocks registered for trading on over-the-counter in October 1999. And we were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2015.


[Q4] What are MTI’s strengths?

MTI continues to strengthen its four main pillars of business in order to continue providing services that earn customer satisfaction.

  1. Fine-tuned marketing system for accurately targeted services and promotions, based on thoroughgoing research and efficacy verification.
  2. A quality- and efficiency-promoting production system for websites and apps, using MTI’s proprietary UX design process.
  3. A fully established development system, with about 500 technical staff undertaking speedy and agile services development.
  4. A robust marketing system, delivering content to customers through Japan’s top sales promotion channel.

[Q5] What sort of results does MTI produce?

Increasing numbers of smartphone-using members As of September 2017, MTI had a total of 6.56 million paying subscribers.

Net sales

Operating income

[Q6] What is MTI’s vision for the future?

5m_Q8_01MTI has its sights set firmly on the future, and is pursuing its mission to contribute to the realization of a society whose future is driven by future mobile devices.

1.Expanding the healthcare-related business
MTI is contributing to a future of improved healthcare by helping people live richer lives. It achieves this by way of its new health-support services targeting a wide range of people of all ages. To this end it leverages the expertise gained in providing its “Luna-Luna” service and puts the latest internet technology to work.

2.Applications for the sonar-based indoor location service
MTI has developed an indoor location system for smartphones that boasts world-class accuracy. It aims to commercialize this technology for a wide range of scenarios such as commercial complexes and subway stations, and will work in future to take it overseas.

3.Development of appealing, free services
MTI is preparing a line-up of appealing, free services that will be taken up by millions of users, and is therefore working to build apps that will migrate more users to free services by delivering convenience, a sense of fun, and added value.