5m_Q8_01MTI has its sights set firmly on the future, and is pursuing its mission to contribute to the realization of a society whose future is driven by future mobile devices.

1.Expanding the healthcare-related business
MTI is contributing to a future of improved healthcare by helping people live richer lives. It achieves this by way of its new health-support services targeting a wide range of people of all ages. To this end it leverages the expertise gained in providing its “Luna-Luna” service and puts the latest internet technology to work.

2.Applications for the sonar-based indoor location service
MTI has developed an indoor location system for smartphones that boasts world-class accuracy. It aims to commercialize this technology for a wide range of scenarios such as commercial complexes and subway stations, and will work in future to take it overseas.

3.Development of appealing, free services
MTI is preparing a line-up of appealing, free services that will be taken up by millions of users, and is therefore working to build apps that will migrate more users to free services by delivering convenience, a sense of fun, and added value.