Expansion of healthcare-related services

MTI has acquired expertise in healthcare-related services in the course of developing the women’s Luna-Luna health information website. This know-how is being put to work to develop a variety of new healthcare-related services for a broad range of customers, irrespective of age and gender.
The services of focus are those that use smartphones for monitoring and management of lifestyle-related, heart-rate and other such data, and this is a field in which growth can be expected.

We also plan involvement in the genetic analysis field. This means fostering services that raise consciousness of health issues as much as possible by providing information on the user’s physical predispositions and genetic makeup.
MTI can then tangibly contribute to a healthier future by enhancing people’s lifestyles by way of smartphones and cutting-edge information technology.

Applications for MTI’s sonar-enabled indoor positioning system

MTI’s proprietary IntraWave is an indoor positioning system boasting world-class accuracy. IntraWave relies on the use of soundwaves and their detection by a smartphone for use in indoor and underground locations where GPS electromagnetic waves do not reach. IntraWave has its role in applications such as accurate route guidance for exhibitions, the distribution of novelty e-goods, and other situations where greater precision regarding current position is required than WiFi positioning is capable of.
Projected commercialization scenarios for this application include commercial complexes, underground structures, shopping malls and the like. Considering its global possibilities, IntraWave will also be marketing overseas.

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